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PAS 43 is the specification as published by the British Standard Institution and sponsored by Government, the Police Service, motoring services organisations and the motoring industry. It aims to improve the safety of breakdown and recovery operator’s, their employees and customers in breakdown and recovery situations,it is not a legal requirment in ireland yet, some of the motoring services organisations are behind the drive to make all recovery operators have PAS43 as a minimum standard and as we know some dont care if you use a wheelbarrow to do the job once they save money ,todate we at IFRS know of 31 yes 31 companys in the republic of ireland who have achieved PAS43 standard (well done to you all)


This is the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment  EU Regulations

Lifting equipment is MUST be inspected either 12 monthly or 6 monthly dependant upon type of use

All lifting equipment must have an I.D. number, SWL and hold a proof load certification